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ATI Audio 20602-1 DC Power Cable

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ATI Audio 20602-1 DC Power Cable


Economically display up to twelve critical audio lines in only single rack space. Remote, shared power supplies let you mount these bright three color VU or PPM meters directly under video monitors or critical audio circuits with no possibility of magnetic interference. Available in two channel horizontal with and without phase indication and headphone monitor and also in four channel vertical configurations. Intense, multiple color, ten segment displays are visible even in bright sunslight. VU models display -20 to +3dBu, around 0VU, PPM models cover -15 to +12dB. high impedance non-loading inputs accommodate balanced or unbalanced innput signals. Two piece, quick release screw plug connector per input. Optional rack mount adapters mount one to three units in one rack space. Power supply sold separately.

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