ATEM Headset Push-to-Talk Belt-Clip Adapter 4-Pin Male XLR

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These are true PTT One-press, auto-latching Push-To-Talk In-Line remotes for use with the BlackMagicDesign ATEM Camera Converter. Featuring in effect a relocation of the PTT front panel button to a convenient location, like on the camera operator's belt via built in belt clip, or anywhere within 4 feet (determined by the cable length from the button). Pressing the latching button connects the mic line enabling communication; a second press interrupts the microphone line in essence closing the communication line. Available in all popular headset configurations as 4-Pin or 5-P XLR and in Male or Female versions.

The BLACKJACK PTT ATEM Headset Push-To-Talk Belt Clip Adapter for the Black Magic Camera Converter gives the ability to enable/disable the intercom line until needed. Featuring latching Push-To-Talk button operation the actuator can be set for an unlimited amount of time for a closed or open mic line for communication. Configurations include both male and female XLRs in 4 and 5 pin versions; there is one for almost any professional headset out there.

Super strong spring steel belt clip holds the PTT in place in the roughest of environments and extruded aluminum housing makes for a well shielded unit guarded from audio noise. Complete with computer color coded 3.5mm plugs (Green for headphones and pink for microphone) for easy connection to the Black Magic Camera Converter supplemented by a locking Neutrik XLR connector, the PTT is a necessary part of a productive and smooth workflowing ATEM crew's gear.

BLACKJACK-PTT1: 4-Pin female XLR version for headsets with 4-pin male plugs
BLACKJACK-PTT2: 4-Pin male XLR version for headsets with 4-pin female plugs
BLACKJACK-PTT3: 5-Pin female XLR version for headsets with 5-pin male plugs
BLACKJACK-PTT4: 5-Pin male XLR version for headsets with 5-pin female plugs