ARX DI-Plus-2 RC Internal Nimh Rechargeable Stereo Direct Box

ARX DI-Plus-2 RC Internal Nimh Rechargeable Stereo Direct Box

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The DI-Plus2 RC is powered with a new internal long life NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable. NiMH batteries exhibit no memory effect and a long life recharge cycle. As a manufacturer, ARX is well aware of the problems of disposing of batteries in an environmentally friendly way so we've powered the DI Plus2 RC with an internal long life NiMH rechargeable battery that can be charged off either the phantom power on the mic line, or via the 12V DC input, removing battery "throw away" as an issue.

The new DI Plus2 RC features a low noise high impedance input buffer with switchable 20dB Pad, and a low distortion high current output stage able to drive the longest cable runs. It represents another major step forward in active direct boxes. Packaged in a single channel stand-alone format, the DI Plus2 RC represents a fresh look at active D.I. concepts. Precision engineered: Ultra quiet, ultra clean circuitry delivers maximum headroom whatever the signal. Premium grade components, plus an all-steel chassis gives excellent hum and noise specifications and superb audio quality in a tough, roadworthy package. The DI Plus2 RC features two high impedance unbalanced inputs on the front panel, running to balanced XLR outputs on the rear. Accurate Left and Right channel level matching keeps the stereo image centered.

Managing Levels:
The DI Plus2 RC features a Normal gain high impedance unbalanced input on the front to a balanced XLR output on the rear. There is also a separate -40dB Speaker Level input for connection to the External (auxiliary) speaker output of an amplifier. A global Pad switch drops both the normal input and the speaker input by another 20dB, making it suitable for all applications, from the softest keyboard to the hottest broadcast levels. Automatic Phantom switching: The DI Plus2 RC will automatically switch itself to the console's own Phantom Power, if available, and an LED will indicate this mode. Turn the Phantom Power off and it will instantly revert back to battery mode. Rugged all-steel case: A lot of direct boxes are fitted into brittle cast alloy cases. Not this one! The tough all-steel inner and outer chassis of the DI Plus2 RC provide excellent RF/EMF shielding while making it a sturdy, heavy duty unit that is hard to dislodge, and hard to leave behind.

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