ARRI 571964P SOFTBANK D5 Plus KIT with Wheels

ARRI 571964P SOFTBANK D5 Plus KIT with Wheels

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Arri 571964P SOFTBANK D5 Plus KIT with Wheels

ARR-571964P Includes:
  • 2) 530100 150W FRESNEL
  • (2) 530110 Barndoor
  • (2) 530120 Filter Frame
  • (2) 530150 3" Full Single Scrim
  • (2) 530152 3" Full Double Scrim
  • (2) 530143 150W ESP Lamp
  • (2) 571101 ARRILITE 750 Plus w/Acc. Holder
  • (2) 531610 Barndoor
  • (2) 531650 6 5/8" Full Single Scrim
  • (2) 531652 6 5/8" Full Double Scrim
  • (2) 571659 Chimera Video Pro Bank, XS (16"x22")
  • (1) 570035 Super Clamp w/ 5/8" Stud
  • (1) 570112 Ceiling Scissor Clamp
  • (4) 570051 AS-01 Stand
  • (2) 571146 575W HPL Lamp 120V
  • (1) 571194W Compact 3-Light Case (32 1/2"x17"x10 1/2")

Softbank Series D Kits
Softbank Series D Kits are designed for use with modern digital video cameras. The total wattage has been reduced for these more light sensitive cameras with no loss of control or light quality. ARRI Fresnels with their wide flood to spot ratio are easy to control and the Video Pro XS Softbank is great for interviews and the ideal size for tight locations. Try using a piece of opal or frost in the filter frame on the Fresnel to completely fill the Softbank and reduce the light level.

Choosing an ARRI Lighting Kit
The best kit for your application depends on your production needs and artistic preferences. Ideally the kit should offer flexibility to work in many different situations. You'll want to consider fixture types, total wattage and the size and weight of the kit. If you need softer lighting you should look carefully at the kits containing Chimera Softbanks. The first step is to determine what light source best suits your needs.

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