Anchor GDP Go Getter Deluxe Package

Anchor GDP Go Getter Deluxe Package

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The Go Getter is perfect for voice projection in an indoor or outdoor setting, and for playing music during school activities. The unit delivers 109dB of intelligible speech, and is designed for users with little-to-no technical background.Featuring a quick set-up and easy-to-use controls, the new Go Getter is a truly versatile sound system with true AC/DC operation, and improved battery life. The system is ideal for schools, corporate training, and places of worship.


  • GG-CU1 with CD/MP3 Player combo & One Built-In Wireless Receiver
  • GG-01 Companion Speaker
  • SC-50NL Connection Cable
  • Two SS-550 Speaker Stands
  • Choice of Transmitter: WH-6000 Wireless Handheld Mic or WB-6000 Belt Pack
  • Choice of Wireless Handsfree Microphone (if you chose the WB-6000 Belt Pack): CM-60 Collar Mic, EM-TA4F UltraLite Mic, HBM-TA4F Headband Mic, or LM-60 Lapel Mic

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