AmpliVox B9153 Premium Digital Audio Travel Partner Package

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The AmpliVox B9153 is the premium digital audio travel partner package with handheld microphone.

Premium Travel Audio Partner PA with remote control. 250 Watt amp, UHF internal wireless receiver, built-in CD , wired & wireless mic, internal rechargeable batteries.Luggage handle & Wheels. Includes S1297-70 VHF Wireless 250 Watt Powered Companion Speaker & Transmitter, 2 Tripods, 2 Protective Covers, and Floor Microphone Stand. Ships in 5 Cartons.

  • Audience size: up to 7500 people
  • Warranty: 6 Years Electronics / 1 Year CD
What's in the Box
  • SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner
  • S1297-70 Wireless Powered Speaker with transmitter
  • S1073 Mic stand
  • Two S1080 Heavy duty tripods
  • Two S1995 Protective cover

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