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Amino Aminet A540 IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box with Integral PVR

Amino Aminet A540 IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box with Integral PVR


Superior Video & Performance:

Amino IP Set-Top-Box
Specifically Designed for
Professional Installations

Amino Technologies leads the way in digital entertainment solutions for multimedia distribution with IPTV and hybrid/OTT products and accessories.

The Amino Aminet A540 - the next generation high definition, high performance IPTV/OTT set-top box (STB) with integral PVR.

Next generation IPTV and OTT services are putting more and more demands on the set-top box. Higher bandwidth, HD content and CPU intensive browsers require faster response times and increased processing power. The A540 PVR easily handles these demands by using the latest generation system-on-chip processor, whilst offering additional features with its on-board PVR. New OTT features include HTML5 audio and video tags to support the H.264 codec in .flv and .mp4 formats. Adaptive streaming technology is also available with HTTP live streaming support.

The A540 is supported by an extensive ecosystem of set-top box middleware, browser, conditional access and DRM options required for the widely varying configurations of the IPTV market.

  • High performance CPU and large memory: Provides fast video processing as video and graphics can be split
  • Large capacity HDD: Enables more recordings and provides PVR features such as time shift and Video on demand
  • Cool running, no internal fan: Quiet and unobtrusive
  • Mini DIN, HDMI, USB, S/PDIF and RF connectors: Provides a selection of input/output connections
  • LED indication of recording and replaying: Instant visual notification of PVR operation
  • Software reset button: Provides a method of software recovery in the field
  • Software functions controlled from browser: Allows developers to create effective user interfaces via the Amino JMACX extensions
  • ADKs and SDKs available: Provides scope for further development of custom software applications
  • Accepts a multicast software image: Enables software upgrades to be deployed in the field
  • Security key signing: Provides unique protection to each deployment
  • Range of accessories: Standard and optional accessories available to suit customers' requirements.

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