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Allen Avionics 5 Channel 75 Ohm Hum Eliminator

Allen Avionics 5 Channel 75 Ohm Hum Eliminator


The HEC-2000 eliminates hum and greatly reduces interferences in video lines caused by differences in ground potential. Features flat response, bandwidth up to 30 MHz, four color or monochrome, no low frequency or high frequency roll off, passive device, failure free, use on 50 Hz or 60 Hz systems. Applications in field: between remote truck and Telco, between remote truck and microwave, for VTR units. In Studio: between buildings, installations with long cable runs, between studio and transmitter. Comes in aluminum die cast box. Preferred by America's leading broadcasters.HEC-2000 SpecificationsHEC-2000 Hum Eliminator should be used for the most severe hum problems. Hum reduction of over 60 dB even on 50 Hz systems.Impedance: 751/2 unbalancedBandwidth: DC to 30 MHz; (0.75 dB at 10 MHz); (1.20 dB @ 20 MHz); (1.50 dB @ 30 MHz)

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