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Alfa Case

Alfa Case Small MicTube Case Weatherproof Mic Case Up to 12.5 In.


Alfacase Mictube!

The MicTube is designed to carry a single shotgun microphone, in a padded, waterproof case. the MicTube actually floats if dropped in a body of water (not reccommended)! The unique O-ring-sealed lid, keeps out moisture, dust and grit. The MicTube replaces your old-fashioned wood or flimsy soft plastic case and gives your expensive mics total protection. The MicTube is available in three sizes for short, medium and long shotgun microphones. Ideal for shotgun mics such as Sennheiser MKH416, ME66/K6, Audio Technica, Rode, Sanken and other short to medium length shotgun microphones. It comes with a lockable draw-latch top.

The MicTube will mount to a Boom Tube with an optional mounting kit. Carry additional microphones and a Softi-Case on your Boom Tube for a lightweight, over-the-shoulder carrying system. Leave your hands free to have a latte or carry your audio recorder.

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