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Alesis Monitor One MKII Passive Studio Reference Monitor (Pair)

Alesis Monitor One MKII Passive Studio Reference Monitor (Pair)


This near field monitor offers excellent image and transient reproduction, powerful bass and smooth, extended high frequency detail. Designed by engineers with decades of experience, the TEC Award winning Monitor One by Alesis provides the last critical link in the recording studio's signal chain; giving you accurate reproduction of what is being recorded.

The Monitor One overcomes the lower octave limitations usually found in small speakers by using Alesis' exclusive SuperPort? speaker venting technology giving you solid high powered bass and extended high frequency response. Silk domed, ferrofluid cooled tweeters eliminates harshness and ear fatigue making long mixing sessions easier. Priced Per Pair.

The reason was as clear as its own crisp flawless sound, super-flat wide frequency range, clear imaging, high-power handling and excellent bass transient response. These features add up to a unique ability to create incredibly accurate mixes that translate perfectly to every playback system.

The Alesis engineers wisely settled for incremental improvements designed to coax even better performance from our monitors. They started with a new 6.5" polypropylene low-frequency driver for tighter, more accurate bass response. Then matched it with a newly redesigned, 1" pure silk-dome, high-frequency transducer for even smoother, more accurate detail and response, and a broader sound stage.

Alesis also improved the overall frequency response (changing from 45 Hz - 18 kHz, to 45 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB) and coupled it with more efficient power handling. They also provided magnetic shielding to allow use in close proximity to video and computer monitors.

The Alesis Monitor One MKII also features radiused edges for reduced edge diffraction, along with improved porting - thanks to the next-generation of our exclusive SuperPort venting technology - to eliminate the "choking" effect of smaller, shorter ports. The result is a low-frequency response which extends well below comparable near field monitors.

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