Advanced Fiber Products DVI-ME-TR-2 Two-Fiber Detachable DVI Module

Advanced Fiber Products DVI-ME-TR-2 Two-Fiber Detachable DVI Module

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AFP DVI-ME-TR-2 Two-Fiber Detachable DVI Module

The Digital Visual Interface is a high-quality, uncompressed data link between a host processor video card and a display peripheral. Optical technology for this transmission stretches the performance beyond the limitations of copper wire with longer length, data security, negligible RFI/EMI and the elimination of costly analog distribution systems.

The EDID in a display can be read and stored by just plugging TX unit to the display. This self-EDID programming feature makes the installation of the TX unit easy and flexible for any variable resolution display systems.

The four(4) optical data, Red, Green, Blue and clock are multiplexed and de-multiplexed through WDM optical modules. Graphic data can be extended up to 1,500 meters (4,920ft) at WUXGA resolution (1900x1200) @ 60Hz vertical referesh rate over duplex LC fibers jumpers.

An external power adapter is required for the receiver module, while most video cards can provide +5V DC power to the transmitter module. The transmitter and receiver modules are clearly labeled to prevent reverse installation of the modules.

Key Features
  • Extends all DVI-D Single Link VESA resolutions up to WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) 60Hz data
    • Up to 1,500m (4920 feet) with duplex LC single-mode fibers.
    • Up to 500m (1640 feet) with duplex LC multi-mode fibers.
  • Compatible with AFP Secure LC cable assemblies
  • Offers self-EDID programming feature, detecting from a display and storing to an EEPROM in the transmitter just by plugging to the display without any physical DDC connection
  • Compact modules plug directly to graphic source and display DVI connectors
  • Includes two (2) +5V DC Power adapaters for the transmitter and receiver.