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4-Pin S-Video Passive A/B Switch


4-Pin S-Video Passive A/B Switch


Ocean Matrix SVHS (Y/C) simple A/B switch for your two signal sources or two signal destinations.

Switches SVHS (Y/C) video signal from a common input or output to either the A connector or the B connector. Designed to be passive-aggressive, the switch has a center-off position adding one more feature to an otherwise super simple design allowing the user to completely disconnect from all connections by setting toe selector switch to the center off position. -And to top it off because it is fully passive this little A/B box can also be used in reverse and can even be cascaded to create other routing solutions, limited only by your imagination.

Rugged anodized black aluminum housing measuring 3-1/4" wide by 1-7/8" tall with a depth of 5-1/2" including switch bat, (actuator lever) in measurements. Aluminum housing also keeps internal wiring shielded from picking up video noise.

Three position A-OFF-B Selector Switch
Rugged Noise shielding Aluminum Housing
Compact Form Factor
Does What You Need So You Are Not Paying For Features That You Don't Need
Simple Intuitive Design For All A/B Application for SVHS (Y/C) Video Switching

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