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16x9 ZOE-EX1 Zoe Zoom Remote for Sony PMW-EX1

16x9 ZOE-EX1 Zoe Zoom Remote for Sony PMW-EX1


Our new Zoe-dvxl is an universal zoom control for all Mini-DV and HDV camcorders. Now, you can operate with our Zoe-DVXL all camcorders with LanC input socket like SONY+ Canon and with CamRemote connection like Panasonic DVX+HVX. We considered the needs of our users during the whole design-phase and also let flow our experiences from the two previous models. The new Zoe-DVXL is fitted with a substantial innovation - a selector switch between DVL- and DVX-mode, making it possible for universal operation: L = LanC, operate only Sony + Canon camcorder. X = Panasonic only for CamRemote output.

The rugged right angle mini plug gives you two advantages: The cable goes along the camera, therefore looking better than being at a 90?le from the housing of the camera. If you pull the cable unintentionally, it will not bend the plug.

DVL-Modus: MSR Maximum zoom speed adjustment. With this function, you can limit the maximum speed of the zoom without losing the progressiveness of the rocker switch. It allows a pre-adjustment zoom speed and sensitivity smooth.

The quick-release clamp facilitates attachment to standard tripod arms up to 34mm in diameter. Also you can fix our Zoe onto the camera grip.

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