16x9 HDWC75X-82 EXII 0.75X Wide Converter 82mm Thread Mount

16x9 HDWC75X-82 EXII 0.75X Wide Converter 82mm Thread Mount

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16x9 Inc.'s new EXII 0.75X Wide Converter is designed with flexibility in mind, fitting more cameras and lenses than the first-generation converter. And, continuing 16x9 Inc.'s aggressive pricing structure for the EXII series, the EXII 0.75X is priced well below the original EX 0.75X (which retailed for $995 U.S.), yet still offers unsurpassed HD-quality optics.

The move is part of an aggressive pricing structure 16x9 Inc. has put into place across the entire new EXII line of lenses. 16x9 Inc. understands that the current economic climate is tough, but getting outstanding high-definition images doesn't have to be.

Featuring four glass elements, the compact and lightweight EXII 0.75X Wide Converter provides 25% more extreme angle of view over the stock lens and maintains full zoom-through capability with cameras that have auto focus. Cutting-edge optics reduce geometric (barrel) distortion and improve off-axis performance, particularly chromatic aberrations and flatness of field.

Fits the Following Cameras

  • JVC GY-HM700
  • Panasonic AG-HPX300
  • Panasonic AG-HVX200 - Not for use with AG-HVX200A

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