ATOMOS Z-MOUNT For 5-Inch & 7-Inch Monitor Desk Mount

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Introducing Z-Mount, a smart Atomos desk monitor mount. Z-Mount provides unmatched mounting flexibility for 5-inch & 7-inch Atomos monitors or third-party devices that need to be utilized in a variety of different scenarios or mounting positions.


Sleek and durable, crafted from aluminum, Z-Mount boasts a revolutionary design that sets it apart as unparalleled among monitor mounts available in the market.


It utilizes a Quick Release base plate to make attaching and taking off gear a breeze. Its additional 1/4"20 mounting holes can be used to attach accessories like cable management clips from Sprig or as loops for Zip ties. A versatile and compact accessory that seamlessly integrates into any creator’s toolkit.


Z-Mount features:

  • Z-Mount Allows flexible use of 5-inch and 7-inch monitors in desktop environments for streaming, switching, conferencing, and game capture.
  • Mount Atomos Connect-enabled devices to non-connected production monitors like Sumo 19SE via VESA mounting holes
  • Easily adjust height and tilt via foldable arms and friction-based joints
  • Redesigned quick release plate with retractable locating pins.
  • Multiple 1/4"20 mounting holes for cable management/accessories
  • Heavy-duty and all-aluminium construction

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