BV Entertainment AXS-FMTD FM Transmitter with Even/Odd Frequency & Digital Audio In

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The Team Here at 3D HD Gear Loves the Only Digital Input Transmitter Available in the Fitness Industry!

The AXS-FMTD Digital Input FM Transmitter from Broadcastvision Entertainment with digital optical, digital coax & analog inputs (exclusive with Broadcastvision) is the most universal entertainment solution available. With a transmission range of more than 25,000sq/ft, the FM transmitter provides high-quality audio transmission for maximum reception.

Broadcast audio from a TV or any audio source with a digital or analog audio output jack.

With the FM system from Broadcastvision Entertainment, users listen on their FM-enabled cell phones, MP3 players, FM Walkman-style radios or plug their headphones into our stationary receivers that are mounted on the cardio equipment. Choose between our feature-loaded 10-key receiver or the most popular receiver, the retro.

Can be used with any audio source with an audio out (either digital coax, optical, RCA, headphone). Unit ships with Digital Toslink and RCA to 3.5 cables. Inquire if additional cables are required.

For those of you who are purchasing the Broadcastvision receivers, the Receivers are powered by either the cardio equipment or by plugging them directly into a 110v power outlet, please call us to confirm that your brand of Cardio Equipment is able to power the receivers.

For best results, place the transmitter above the equipment at a minimum of 8 feet.


  • Transmission Range 25,000+ Square Feet
  • High visibility digital LED interface for maximum ease-of-use
  • Option for 100kHz and 200kHz channel spacing selection
  • Line Level Stereo Input plus digital coaxial and optical input capability included
  • High Fidelity Stereo Audio
  • Adjustable Audio Input Modulation Level
  • Modulation Level Indicator
  • Stereo On/Off Selection
  • Telescoping and rotational antenna for maximum application flexibility
  • Power Requirements: 12V, 300mA, 2.1mm Barrel Connector
  • Input impedance: 1K
  • Level Gain Control: 20 mV to 1V
  • Dimensions in inches: W: 5.5 H: 1.5 D: 4.75
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Item Includes:

  • Power supply
  • Audio cables (3.5mm-RCA, digital Toslink, digital coax)
  • Tune to Sign (w/ vinyl numbers)
  • Mounting bracket

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