Building a Professional YouTube Studio in Your Home or Office

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YouTube as a Video and Live Streaming Platform

YouTube Studio


Merely talking about videos on the web can make a person think of YouTube right away. After all, it is the biggest video sharing platform, wherein people can easily watch, share, and even post their own videos anytime.

This has provided an efficient way for people to become popular, which can even reach worldwide levels. With just simple camera devices and an efficient YouTube studio setup, anyone can surely take advantage of the site.

YouTube has become a huge stage for people to get popular or even earn cash. In a way, it allows them to showcase their talents and skills, whether it is about video games, make-up, fashion, music, and films among many others. Anyone can even create videos through a YouTube home studio.

YouTube also has its humble beginnings back in the early 2000’s. Read on to learn more about YouTube, creating a home video studio, and some ideas on how the video-sharing platform can help you.

The History of YouTube: Where It All Began

Back in February 2005 in San Bruno, California, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim formed an American video-sharing platform called YouTube. It was bought by Google in November 2006 and has rocketed up to become one of the world’s top websites.

YouTube was even cited as the world’s second most prominent website by Alexa in August of 2018. It stated 400 hours of content each minute is uploaded, and viewers watch a total of 1 billion hours worth of YouTube videos per day. Moreover, YouTube is also available in 71 countries, with 61 spoken languages officially recognized.

These statistics show how YouTube has become a colossal website everybody can access. Even simple home recorded videos can do wonders not only for the creator but for other users as well. Needless to say, many people are now using YouTube as a path to move forward in their careers.

Why YouTube Will Continue Being a Top Platform

YouTube has successfully transformed itself into a massive video and streaming powerhouse. Built around the opportunity for everyone to share and watch videos for free, there are even more good things that make YouTube continuously grow.

  • It could replace television, especially when considering people could simply watch their favorite shows on YouTube through PCs and handheld devices.
  • Various genres of videos are available; thus people can learn different skills through the site.
  • Many people choose to create videos on YouTube, and not on other websites.
  • Channels from YouTube influencers continuously generate big profits by doing brand promotion.
  • The platform provides efficient ways to make money through advertising.
  • Many people have become famous through YouTube.

All of those have led to:

  • More and more people using YouTube
  • The number of audience continuing to grow exponentially

More Online Video Content

It is an obvious fact that people are gravitating more and more towards online video content, thus affecting YouTube positively. In fact, statistics show that 73% of all internet traffic in 2016 accounts for video related activities, which is estimated to rise up to 82% in 2021.

This makes it important to know the power of YouTube in today’s society. Especially if you’re involved with online marketing, you should seriously consider having a quality YouTube studio setup. This also means favoring video content over text.

To give you further ideas about the power of YouTube, here’s the statistics

Total Number of YouTube Users 1.325 billion
Hours of Video Uploads per Minute 300
Number of Videos Viewed Daily 4.95 billion
Average Number of Mobile Users per Day 1 billion


It is also easy to create and upload videos on YouTube. You just have to produce your own videos, do some edits, and upload them right away. To be a serious content creator, you should have a professional Youtube studio.

Sharing Videos

The convenience of sharing YouTube videos is also something to take note of. It is easy for people to share videos with other social media networks, which can subsequently help in gaining more views. Moreover, if your friends on your other social media accounts share your videos, other people outside your circle can view them as well.

YouTube could also be a good source of profit for creators.

You just need to gather enough views and followers, and you can have good chances of earning through ads. It is a great way to showcase your own services or products to your target audience.

In fact, almost all marketers nowadays choose video platforms to promote their brands. This is because of the fact that 4 out of every 5 millennials searches for videos before buying something. This could help them with making decisions, especially with choosing between prominent brands.

YouTube Allows Anyone to Easily Have a Platform

As a video-sharing platform, YouTube allows amateurs and professionals to gather together, where anyone can make and build up an audience. From the video creators to the subscribers, everyone can share their knowledge and expertise. With the proper lighting for YouTube videos and some cameras set up, anyone can make professional quality content.

YouTube has many helpful sections and information for new channels that discuss how to make your videos the best for its algorithm, how to grow your channel, and other information, such as YouTube studio setup and configuration. Depending on your needs, you can make a personal channel or a channel for your business, where you can market your product or service and engage with new customers.

Make Videos for Free

Luckily, YouTube is free and easy to use. You can even start making your own videos with little to no budget. In fact, some of the most popular video creators only started with basic video-creation tools depending on their budget. Still, they ended up creating good-quality and entertaining content.

For starters, you should purchase a good camera, mic with a good pick-up, headphones, and a YouTube video lighting kit to ensure your first videos stand out from the rest. As simple as that, you could start your own vlogger career and engage with over 1 billion users who log into YouTube each month.

Since YouTube is now second to Google as a search engine, it is a great channel to use for posting optimized videos.

Here are the perks it provides in terms of SEO:

  • YouTube videos typically take the top spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • It is easy to embed YouTube videos into a webpage.
  • You can create a playlist of related videos for more audience engagement.
  • You can easily share YouTube videos on other social media networks.
  • People can subscribe to your channel for updates.

Using YouTube to Make Extra Income

Aside from getting SEO benefits, you can also earn extra income by using YouTube through its ads platform. Just apply for its Partner Program. But first, you should check if your channel is eligible. Also, you can check out tips from the most popular YouTube video creators to gather information on building your audience and finding solutions to make money with this platform.

Aside from applying for its Partner Program, there are also other ways to make money with YouTube whatever venture you might have. Small enterprise, online business, freelancing, online consultancy, etc.—you can certainly benefit from making your own channel.

A huge number of businesses use YouTube marketing today because it is so effective. Not only because it allows you to engage with a large audience, but it also makes your online marketing efforts cost effective.

YouTube Drives Traffic to Business Websites

If you want to make professional recordings for your business, you should invest in a home studio, instead of relying on your smartphone camera and other basic equipment.

You can make numerous different types of informational videos for your website like:

  • making an introduction of your business
  • sharing some background information on your business
  • giving demos
  • answering FAQs
  • offering educational and instructional information

Of course, you should include links in your videos to direct traffic to your business’s website. You can include them in the videos themselves or embed them in the descriptions. This way, YouTube itself will send the traffic to your site.

You should also embed the videos onto your site or share them on your business social media accounts to get more exposure and engagement. For instance, if you want to make money with online courses, create a tutorial and make a YouTube video about it, with a link to the actual online course where people sign up. Other methods of bringing awareness to your site are affiliate marketing and using Google AdSense.

The Types of YouTube Channels

You can find a video on YouTube for every topic you can imagine. Whether you want to know how to get the best lighting for filming YouTube videos or find out who is the highest paid Hollywood celebrity, you’ll find plenty of results on YouTube. You will also find a staggering amount of How To tutorial videos. It’s no wonder that YouTube quickly became the number one source for video entertainment and education.

Some universities have also used it as a medium to present information about their school history, activities, departments, courses, and so on. Many educational institutions have also transitioned their broadcasting methods from doing it in radio stations to vlogging from a Youtube studio setup.

Another popular type of video on YouTube are recordings of events or big lectures. For instance, many people search for “TED talks”, recordings of speakers who discuss a variety of “ideas worth sharing” in front of a live audience at the TED conference.
The most popular types of YouTube channels include:

  • animation
  • bedroom amateurs
  • comedy
  • entertainment
  • entrepreneurs
  • makeup channels
  • professionals
  • schools and universities
  • singers / musicians
  • video gaming channels
  • vlogs

How To Guides and Tutorials

Everybody learns by using a mixture of the three learning styles:

  • Visual – by seeing
  • Auditory – by hearing
  • Kinesthetic – by doing

In a classroom setting, good teachers try to use a combination of these methods. However, most people will eventually find one learning style easier than the others.

Videos are a perfect medium for those who prefer to learn through visual and auditory experiences. Thus, it is no wonder that there is an abundance of How-To YouTube videos.

But what about for those who are kinesthetically inclined? While it can require more planning and preparation, kinesthetic learners tend to learn successfully from well-structured videos that encourage viewers to work alongside the presentation.

Tutorials are good material for a YouTube channel since these guides are timeless topics unless that particular activity goes out of date or changes. Plus, you can make a well-planned and well-structured How-To guides by yourself with good quality equipment.

Product Reviews

Social media is undoubtedly one of the top places consumers go to when they want to get more information on products. Plenty of research has reported that consumers are more likely to buy a product if they see good reviews online.

YouTube is one of the top online resources for product reviews, thus this category is one of the most popular types of channels. Some web users will search for a variety of reviews for a certain product. Others prefer to go to the YouTube channels of individuals or entities who have gained a reputation for providing trustworthy reviews for particular types of products.

One of the reasons why YouTube is a perfect medium for reviewing a product is because you can record a video of yourself as you use that item and provide physical and actual evidence of the results.

For instance, you can find makeup artists or enthusiasts showing how effective a particular brand of concealer is. With the best lighting equipment for YouTube videos, viewers can have a better picture of the actual results. You can also find plenty of test drive videos for cars, demonstrations of using certain household items, and dunking challenges for mobile phones which claim to be waterproof.


Blogs started off as web-based logs which served as an Internet-based diary of sorts. Bloggers were able to log an account of what they did every day onto the web. Today, blogs have diversified, but you can still find plenty of individuals who use them as an online diary.

To some extent, vlogs are the same as the original forms of blogs in that they are an online account of everyday happenings in your life. It’s just that the former is done as video blogs, hence the coined term “vlogs”.

You can find plenty of vloggers on YouTube. Their videos cover a variety of topics—what they had for breakfast, their thoughts on a social issue, and every other topic you can think off. Many consider vlogs to be the web-based equivalent of reality TV.

These types of videos have become popular since they can be more engaging and they provide a more authentic look into an individual’s mind and personality. Many vloggers have amassed an impressive following online. They can be compared to reality TV stars.

If you are willing to open up your life to viewers, regularly post videos from your Youtube home studio, and learn the best lighting for vlogging, you can gain a following of your own.

Educational Videos

Educational and How To videos are similar in that they both aim to educate. The difference is that the former is usually produced and owned by large official organizations, such as National Geographic, Discovery Networks, and TED-Ed. They also have a large following and are considered large video channels. Many small and large businesses share educational videos on their sites.

There is another type of channel for YouTube educational videos which has school students and young children as their target audience. These videos aim to provide interesting and thought-provoking topics for young minds. They often receive repeat visits and attract new viewers each year since they are considered as evergreen topics.

What is the role of YouTube in your enrollment marketing strategy?

Research shows that that the internet savvy high school kids of today aren’t content with just checking your university website and going on a campus tour. They also rely on social media when deciding where to study. In fact, a study done by online educational resources Zinch and Inigral shows that 42% of teens search on YouTube when researching for colleges. From those who were surveyed, 38% said that social media influenced their enrollment decision.

It comes as no surprise that more universities are investing in video production lighting equipment and full studios to post quality and engaging videos on YouTube to advertise to potential enrollees. However, that won’t be enough to attract prospective students.

Some larger universities also have multiple YouTube pages for each of their administrative, department, and/or faculty areas, admissions, alumni, international students, law, sports, and so on.

Indeed, many schools today are aiming to become one of the most popular universities on YouTube. There is even a list of the Top 200 Universities on YouTube provided by uniRank. The intention of the rankings is to give an approximate ranking on the popularity index of each university based on the total number of subscribers to their YouTube channel. It should be noted that it does not aim to rank these institutions of higher education according to the quality of education, the level of academic services provided, or the available school programs.

Youtube Is Very Competitive

While there is an ever growing user base on the YouTube video-sharing platform, it can be very hard for channels to compete for that attention. The pioneers and oldest channels in the video sharing arena are more established and have bigger followings than other smaller channels.

In the last 2 years, YouTube publishing has actually dominated over other platforms, including Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, and LiveLeak. According to a 2016 survey conducted among Search Engine Journal’s tweeters, “YouTube video publishing seriously outpaces its competition.

YouTube is the dominant video publishing platform

An in-depth look into the findings of the survey shows that a very huge percentage of YouTube users are composed of people aged 18 to 34. According to the survey, these individuals would stop anything that they are doing just to watch new videos by their favorite creators. The remaining huge portion of YouTube consists mostly of advertisers. This group reported seeing significant results by posting promotional videos on YouTube.

Even retailers such as Walmart have been leveraging YouTube channels. Previous reports show that the retail chain has been owning a huge percentage of total channel views for top retail brands since 2014. Not only that, but it has already generated billions of page views during special occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. This only shows that outstanding online engagement through YouTube will help brands outperform their competition whichever industry they are in.

Until today, YouTube is still bringing thousands of new channels every single day. Even very saturated niches like video gaming, are now being controlled by YouTube. As you will notice, you can now easily find and watch video previews and reviews of games on this platform.

To Stand Out, You Need a Good Studio

To stand out, you need professional quality content. Therefore, you should have the right equipment for it. It is not just about having a random camera, taking your shots, doing some edits, and uploading it to the site, but you need professional grade equipment to produce quality videos through your own YouTube studio setup. Quality cameras and appropriate lightings are just a couple of things that you should invest in to come up with the best videos that would stand out on YouTube.

Many channels on YouTube use basic and amateur equipment in making their videos. Needless to say, these kinds of videos receive fewer views and gain less trust from users, thus gathering less audience. Of course, you wouldn’t want your videos to fall into this category.

That is why you should invest in the best lighting equipment for YouTube videos, reliable cameras, and some other good-quality equipment for your studio. This will let you capture and create high-quality and professional-looking shots. These kinds of videos are easier to edit as well, thus giving you good control over enhancements and effects. As a result, you can make sure your videos will stand out from others.

There Is a Studio for Every Price Range

Fortunately, there are setups that can suit any budget, which can function well to reach your intended audience. You can setup in your modified bedroom or go for a professional studio setup for larger projects.

Of course, a full studio setup could be very useful for large companies, and a home studio is a practical choice for individual use. But of course, the kind of studio you need probably depends on the kind of channel you’re planning to make.

If you just want to make a blog channel for your hobby on YouTube, for example, a simple studio setup will do great. On the other hand, a complex setup might be necessary if you need to meet company standards and high professional quality. You just have to do a proper setup to optimize the videos you can produce on any setup and budget.

This is where things become technical. You need the right skills and knowledge in setting up a YouTube studio to optimize its function. Remember that it’s not just about cameras, but also about the YouTube lighting kit, audio devices, and software applications among others that you are going to use.

The Gear for Your Own YouTube Studio

You should have enough gear and equipment for your YouTube studio to make it function efficiently. This is also one of the biggest keys to produce quality videos you can upload. Read on for you to learn the most important basic gear that you will need to set up your YouTube home studio.

Video Cameras

Of course, you need a reliable camera to make videos. It should help you capture the best shots and let you do efficient editing for outstanding results. However, you need to consider a few things in choosing a camera and not just randomly select any popular brand available.

There Are Many Things to Consider

To simply put it, the best camera for your YouTube home studio depends on your purpose of using it. From there, you can draw some other factors that could guide you to the right choice.
Check out this list for some points to consider:

  • Consider the kind of video you will create. For instance, think if you’d need a camera for filming cinematic scenes, documenting video interviews, shooting fast-moving objects, or recording travel blogs among others.
  • Consider the lighting requirements of the environment where you plan to use your camera. Some cameras won’t work well in dark or extremely bright environments. This also entails having the best lighting equipment for video shooting.
  • Think of the features you need, which could include the lens and control or adjustment buttons.
  • The video output you want to produce is also a factor. Think about its quality and resolution, especially if you need to meet certain standards.
  • Your skills in recording videos play a big role. Some cameras are great for beginners, while others require enough proficiency to function properly.

If you’re a beginner in producing YouTube videos, it is important to come up with high-quality catchy videos to gain more views and subscribers for your channel. Remember that YouTube is a competitive site, and you need to stand out among the rest.

Some other big YouTubers even hire professional videographers, editors, and producers to help them come up with the best videos. After all, if they’re already big names on the site, they’re probably earning a lot from their channels. This could show how important is it to produce quality videos.

However, regardless of you being a beginner or seasoned YouTuber, the camera is undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment you need. DSLR and mirrorless cameras are just two of the best choices you can have, especially when you’re ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level. Just make sure to consider the factors mentioned above, so you can have the perfect camera for your needs.

We Have a Wide Selection of Video Cameras

If you want to buy dependable cameras to capture the best shots, you can browse through our list and see which fits you. Of course, feel free to connect with us if you need help in deciding which to buy.

Black Magic URSA 4K Digital Film

The Black Magic URSA 4K is a quality camera that is perfect for people who are serious in producing quality films. It comes with new and advanced features, plus its sleek screen provides efficient control.

This camera is designed to fit any professional filming tasks, from individual solo works to large-scale production projects. Thanks to its advanced features, the URSA 4K can easily revolutionize the way you capture and produce your videos.

It is equipped with internal dual RAW and ProResolution recorders, 12G-SDI, Super 35 global shutter (4K image sensor), and a 10-inch on-set monitor screen. Moreover, the global shutter is user upgradable, thus you can customize the camera depending on your needs.

Aside from capturing videos on high-quality resolutions, the URSA 4K’s on-set monitor can help you calculate the video output efficiently. Use it with professional video lighting equipment, and you can certainly have stunning results.

Comparable to high-end video cameras of broadcasting networks, the Black Magic URSA 4K is definitely one of the best professional cameras you can get.

Black Magic Cinema Camera

Black Magic Design Camera

If you’re an independent YouTube video producer and want a small compact camera, the Cinema Camera of BlackMagic is for you. Not only is it compact, but it’s also packed with very useful features.

This Black Magic camera is an innovative piece of technology that is perfect for independent budget producers. It promises to fulfill the important features that DSLR cameras lack, despite the latter’s role in the rise of affordable cameras. It is made to provide advanced features, like color depth and wide dynamic range, which are previously available only on expensive cameras.

The Cinema Camera captures videos and images on 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW (uncompressed), thus making it far more advantageous than cameras that only captures through 8-bit compressed shots. This can let you catch better color details of different objects.

Moreover, this camera has ProResolution and DNxHD and sports 13-stops of dynamic range. Thus, you can easily do further heavy edits on your videos, like color grading and chromakey, where DSLR cameras aren’t able to do well.

JVC GY-HM200SP Sports Production Streaming Camcorder

JVC's GY-HM200SP streaming camcorder is an innovative sports production camera that allows you to produce professional-quality coverage of sporting events.

With advanced (yet user-friendly) features, such as the graphics score overlay, full auto mode, advanced streaming engine, remote control support, user-assignable functions, etc., this camera is very easy to use, even for an untrained operator.

It’s a complete sports production system in one package!

So, what do you get from using the JVC GY-HM200SP sports production streaming camcorder?

  • High-quality Imagery

The precision 12x F1.2-3.5 optical zoom lens of this camera gives it the power to produce great images. Its 4K CMOS sensor with 12.4M pixels also allows for excellent performance in various lighting conditions. Details are crisp and accurate in every image that you capture.

  • Quality Overlay

The JVC GY-HM200SP uses a score overlay to record and stream a variety of sporting events, such as basketball, football, hockey, and volleyball in real time. The overlay can be simultaneously used for both streamed and recorded videos.

  • Advanced Communication and Streaming Technologies

This camera uses JVC’s latest IP communications engine, which gives users the ability to control and monitor it remotely with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can record and stream any sporting event using a decoder at a cable head-end or directly to the internet using a streaming platform, such as YouTube or Ustream.

  • Versatility

With dual card slots and features such as simultaneous recording and relay recording, the GY-HM200SP is a highly versatile camcorder. You can shoot continuously over multiple cards that switch functions automatically.

With the many great features it has, the JVC GY-HM200SP sports production streaming camcorder is one of the best streaming cameras on the market today. Plus, it is more affordable than other cameras in its class. Buying it definitely gives you bang for your buck!

Ushio 1003938 Pro-Panel V2 1x2 Kit with a 90-Degree Honeycomb Louver and a Gel Frame

The Pro-Panel V2 1x2 soft light is one of the best pieces of equipment to get the best results from your photography and cinematography projects.

With amazing features, such as variable color temperatures, and the typical perks LED lighting offers, this light does not only produce high-quality images and videos but is also very energy efficient.

What Improvements Does It Have

This new soft light from Ushio is given some improvements that are not found in its predecessor. Aside from the wide 2700K Tungsten to 6500K Daylight variable range, flicker-free DC driving system, dimming control, and other innovative features, it is 12% brighter and 5% more efficient.

It is also 8 lbs lighter, has onboard controls and presets, has larger handles for better grip, and has improved yoke for more rigidity.

Where Can It Be Used

The Pro-Panel V2 1x2 is best used for professional photography, cinematography, and even video broadcasting. Given the many great features it has, this soft light is definitely a wise investment to make for your photography and videography projects.

Finding a Camera That Is Best for You

You now have to find the best camera that will suit your needs. Good thing is, we have a wide selection of cameras for you to choose from. If you need help choosing the perfect model, let us know your needs so we can help you find the perfect choice.

Take note of other gear and equipment that you need to complement your camera. This is important whether you are taking outdoor shots or using it in your YouTube home studio. The goal is for you to have quality videos for your YouTube channel and create them in the most efficient and convenient ways.
The gear that you might need are:

Aside from accessories and tools related to your camera, you should also consider other tools that could let you manipulate certain factors in video production. That could help you yield stunning videos of your subjects, which are easy to edit as well. If you want to have the best lighting in your studio, for example, you should have the best lighting equipment for YouTube videos in it.


After having the best camera for your YouTube video production studio, you should have a high-quality microphone together with it. Needless to say, it’s for you to record clear audio of the video clips you want to capture.

Handheld Mics

When you think of microphones, the handheld type is the one that would first pop in your mind. It is the classic type of microphone that you have to plug into the audio input and hold with your hands while in use. You can also mount it on a mic stand when necessary.

One good thing about handheld microphones is the convenience they can give. They are easy to operate, as you can start by simply plugging them in. Moreover, they are also perfect for interviews because they are easy to pass on to another person.

Boom Mics

Boom microphones are a type of mic attached to a boom, which makes sure that the mics won’t appear in the videos being shot. The boom has an adjustable arm that could hold the mics close to the source of the sound but is positioned properly to keep them away from the view of the camera.

These mics are perfect for films and interviews. Thus, if you consider having guests in your YouTube videos or simply do not want your camera to capture the microphone, you should definitely have a boom mic in your YouTube studio setup.

Shotgun Mics

Shotgun microphones are fitted with an interference tube that resembles a shotgun, which is intended to minimize interference to the mics. The tube aims to only capture audio from the source it’s pointing to while eliminating noise from around 30 degrees to its sides.

These mics are also attached to a camera or a boom, which allows you to point them to an audio source, without making them visible to the camera.

As a result, you will have more convenience when editing your videos. This is because of the already high-quality audio shotgun mics provide. They are also perfect for interviewing or for other scenarios where you want to capture audio from specific sources.

Shotgun mics are very sensitive to any sound, which includes wind and movements on their tip. Thus, you should be careful in your movements when using them. Moreover, you can consider using a microphone foam windscreen to help filter noise.

Lavalier Mics

If you need to free your hands while using a microphone, a lavalier mic is a choice to consider. You just have to simply attach it on your shirt and go on with your video recording without worries.

Lavalier microphones are tiny mics that come with a fastener or a clip to allow hands-free usage on certain instances. The clip could be pinned on a certain part of a clothing, like a collar or a tie, and is connected to an audio transmitter or straight to a mixer. These mics are also called neck mics, collar mics, personal mics, body mics, clip mics, lapel mics, or simply, lavs.

Usually coming with an option of detachable filters, these mics can form a hollow resonator for a smooth frequency enhancement of the audio. One should note that a boost with the highest point of 6 decibels at 6 to 8 kilohertz could do great, especially when the mics are attached to the chest area. Clipping the mic above the forehead could also have a safe boost of few decibels at up to 10 to 15khz. This can help you get better sounding audio, enhancing your videos’ overall quality.

Lavs are best for capturing videos, without the obvious sign of microphones in use. This makes them common in television shows, newscasting, theater performances, and public speeches among others.

The Ultimate Lighting Systems

There are a few details that you should consider for proper lighting setup for YouTube videos. Especially if you are new to video production, lighting for your YouTube home studio can be tricky. Remember that how your eyes perceive light is largely different from how the camera lens captures it. Nonetheless, with proper planning and set-up, you will surely get the perfect light for all your videos. You can even opt for automated lighting systems to get a better set-up.

The Importance of Lighting in Video Production

As previously mentioned, a camera does not respond to lights the same way your eyes do. While your eyes can see finite details and minute lighting contrasts, a camera cannot. That is why you need to set up video production lighting equipment in your home studio.

With the best YouTube lighting kit, you will be able to create quality videos that are high definition. This allows you to create a mood that you are looking for in shooting your videos. For example, you can just adjust it to achieve a more dramatic feel for your videos.

Regardless of what type of content you like to create, you should make sure you have the proper lighting for it. If you want to produce advanced videos, then you also need an advanced lighting set-up. So, what are the basics in lighting your YouTube studio setup?

The most important aspects that you should look into when starting a YouTube video project are your location, conditions that your place mostly experiences, natural light, and shadows. Typically, these things will greatly affect your shots. And, these can be managed with proper lighting.

When setting up your studio, you should start with the key light, fill light, and the backlight. With these lights set up, you will have a basis on which to work with.

Build the ultimate lighting system

LED Spot Lights

We offer many different lighting sources that cover every need. For any proper studio or film set, we suggest standard LED overhead lights with proper stands to hold and direct the light source. Check out the Wasp 100-C full lighting kit with stands and case that we offer.

This set of lighting equipment for YouTube videos is good for making independent films, video blogs (vlogs), and even fashion photos. It brings high levels of quality and control that will allow you to create professional-looking shots.

Aside from good lighting quality, easy control is also what the Wasp 100-C is all about. With its Perfect S.H.O.T. feature, you are able to adjust the hue, saturation, color temperature, and output for any shot. The feature also allows you to infinitely combine dimming and color adjustments to create the perfect shots for every scenario. You can manipulate it on the head itself or control it remotely via your smartphone or your DMX system.

A simple, yet innovative, product, the Wasp 100-C allows you to set up lighting for extraordinary videos. With it, you can play with colors and customize lights with the use of accessories for different scenarios.

Panel Lights

Panel lights are among the most important pieces of YouTube filming lighting equipment. They are basically compact light systems that fit well in small home studios.

USHIO gives us their first two models of professional solid-state light-emitting diode (LED) lights, which are designed for video broadcasts, cinematography, and photography. With innovative features, this product brings all the advantages of LED lighting, such as energy savings, cool operation, high output, flicker-free operation, and long life.

Like other LED panel lights, the USHIO solid-state lights are also slim in size, have far-reaching beam angles, and produce a great amount of light. Of course, they are energy efficient, as they use surface-mounted diodes instead of filaments.

Fluorescent Soft Box Lights

These work great for frontal lighting since it emulates natural light coming from a window. It has two types of interior surfaces—a neutral white or a reflective silver—which makes it the perfect tool for altering the quality of light. You can light up the scene in your YouTube studio setup or soften shadows with just the right amount of power.

The Westcott 6894 2400w 2-Light Spiderlight TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit contains everything you need to record stunning interviews. It includes a 36x48 Shallow Softbox to provide powerful wrap-around light, while the 12x36 Stripbank is ideal for portraiture. In addition the included 40-degree Egg Crate Grid is made up of cells that control off axis light in four directions, which allows you to create superior separation & depth - for example, when you want to control only the light focusing on the hair in order to separate it from the background. 

    Characteristics of Softbox Lights:
    • White or silver interior lining
    • Come in different sizes and shapes
    • Create natural light using a diffusion panel
    • Coverage is wide and flat
    • Require setup
    • Best lighting for filming YouTube videos for product reviews, vlogging, or cooking shows

    Ring Lights

    A ring light is considered as a multipurpose lighting device which is easy to use in studio lighting for YouTube videos. It is typically made from a single fluorescent bulb in a circular shape or a series of connected small LED lights shaped like a ring. It was originally made for dental and medical purposes, but thanks to its many uses in creating the ideal lighting for videos and photo shoots, it has become a popular tool among videographers and photographers.

    Ring lights like the Rosco LitePad Loop Professional Ring Light allow you to have uniform lighting which comes directly from your camera’s point of view. There are many reasons why many people like to use ring lights as part of their YouTube studio setup.

    • They can create a more professional and dramatic effect – A technique which some people use when doing home recording studio YouTube sessions is to use ring lights as the only source of light. This can create the effect of a halo shadow which outlines the video subject. The result can look like you were shooting with professional video lighting equipment.
    • They can emphasize details – By using your camera between the hole of the ring, you obtain a source of light which focuses directly on the object of your video. This allows you to capture and emphasize more details which would otherwise not be clearly visible or highlighted in the video without a YouTube lighting kit.
    • They are perfect for emulating natural light – Most ring lights can typically generate a 54000k daylight color rating. In cases when you need to shoot in your YouTube home studio on a downcast day or during other times when there isn’t sufficient natural light, ring lights are the solution to get the perfect lighting. This is one reason why they are considered as one of the best lighting equipment for video tutorials on how to apply makeup.
    • They can generate playful color effects. Wonder what type of YouTube video lighting equipment is needed to create different color washes? One trick is to simply use colored bulbs instead of white ones for your ring lights. You can also just apply color gels to various parts of the fluorescent bulb. You can have a lot of fun experimenting with different colors to create varying effects.
    • They are cost-effective – There are many ring lights which are very affordable. Since there are so many ways to use these lighting devices to create different effects, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have the best lighting equipment for YouTube videos.

    Computers and Software

    After having all the raw video files you need, you cannot just simply upload them directly to YouTube. Of course, you need to do some edits to come up with fantastic outputs. This makes it important for a YouTube studio setup to have quality editing tools and software, which could let you edit and manipulate your raw videos efficiently. Aside from the editing equipment, monitoring devices can also help a lot.

    For starters, TVs and monitors can help you make sure that you’re capturing the right videos as you imagine them. This can also help you know what would your videos look like for your audience, thus ensuring you make the right shots and do the best edits.

    A dependable computer for editing is the next vital equipment you should have. After you have all your quality videos, a computer can help you do some tweaks and effects to enhance your raw videos before uploading them. Of course, it can also help you add some finishing touches like your brand logo.

    When talking about a reliable computer for such a purpose, you should also have quality software for editing. Remember that the edits you can do depend a lot on the software you have on your computer.

    Extras to Keep in Mind!

    Aside from the tools mentioned above, there are some other extra pieces of equipment that you can consider having to produce YouTube videos more efficiently. As long as your budget would allow, you should definitely have the following for your video production projects.

    1. iPads or teleprompters act as a cue card while you’re speaking in front of the camera. They are helpful if you need to make a long speech.
    2. Colored screens for your lighting can have better control and balance of the colors in your raw videos.
    3. Colored backdrops are helpful for you to come up with a nice background in your videos. You can leave a backdrop as it is or easily add background objects with effects and editing.
    4. If you’re planning to do some digital effects, green screens can help you have convenient and efficient processes as well.
    5. Automated timers for your light systems can give you better control over your lighting. They are also great to calculate your moves and speeches in a video, depending on the time being set.
    6. If you need more efficiency in smoothing or rolling your camera, mounts can help you best.

    You need to have the best of these extra tools, so you can optimize their advantages for your YouTube Home studio. Connect with experts like us to have a good guide in making a choice.

    Youtube Is Not Going Away

    YouTube will withstand and outlast competitors in the video-sharing market for years to come. Thus you can have the assurance that its not going away. All statistics and growth metrics show it continuing on its current path and being an even bigger force in the future.

    Furthermore, every year as a society we are using videos more as the main source of media over blog posting and other types. Old ways to advertise are dying and video content will continue to replace it.

    Let Us Design the Best YT Studio System for You!

    It can be a daunting task to create the best studio for your needs. There is a lot of specialized equipment and necessities that you may not think about when you envision your setup. Then you still need to connect all the equipment and use it appropriately.

    We at 3DHD Gear are experts in this area regarding audio, visual and lighting. Contact us today and we can help you figure out what is that best equipment for your purposes. We can help you design the ultimate YouTube creator studio to make great content for your channel!

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